Iwakuni Sato-no-EkiIwakuni Sato-no-Eki

食事Delicious... The Road of The Foods

Iwakuni City,With the Seto Inland Sea on it's southeast and the Chugoku Mountains on the northwest, boasts an abundance of fishery and agricultural products. Among them, wild plants and agricultural products grown in clear streams are very sweet and rich in tastes. The cuisine with the minimum necessary steps to fully enjoy its charm is still handed down as a local dish of Yamashiro. On the food road, local cuisines allow for easy enjoyment of Yamashiro's bounty by using these local products.
Note. The number on the mark indicates the Sato no Eki to be inquired or the nearest one.

central area
Kuri korokke

8Kuri korokke

A special croquette with a large, sweet and famous "ganneguri" chestnut.

South area
Iwakuni renkon korokke Ebi korokke

10Iwakuni renkon korokke

This is a new style croquette created by a collaborating between "soft and fluffy potatoes" and "crispy lotus roots".

11Ebi korokke

Potato croquette with shrimp wrapped in perilla leaves. Plenty of volume!

Iwakuni Zushi / Tai Zanmai Zushi Shiosai soup curry